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Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Components

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The Phase I Site Assessment provides protection for both the buyer/ seller financial institutions. It provides some assurance that unforeseen environmental problems will not occur in the future, due to past or current activities on or near the site. The Phase I Environmental Site Assessment report may vary in its format, but should address key areas listed and discussed in published document Z768-01/2012. (This document was revisited and updated in 2012). Mr. Polson was one of the assessors involved in the review and development of recommendations for revision and updates of the Phase I Criteria.

The Phase I study should include the following:

A) The collection and review of all historical information available for the site – which may include all or a portion of the following depending upon availability:

  •   Building Permit Records
  •   Zoning Bylaws & Maps
  •   Fire Insurance Maps
  •   Fire Department Records
  •   A review of the historic Henderson Directories
  •   A search of Ministry of Environment (Saskatchewan) or (Alberta Environment Sustainable Resource Development) records and databases
  •   A search of Historic Land Titles (dating back at least 60 years)
  •   Vicinity Water Well Records
  •   A review of historic aerial photographs and satellite imagery
  •   Any information that can be obtained from interviews with past and present owners, building managers, any other persons having knowledge of the property.
  •   A review of previously conducted Phase I Site Assessments and/or Phase II or III work done on the site or near vicinity properties.

B) Site Inspection - The inspection of the site includes mechanical rooms and work areas, offices, or in the case of apartments, public areas and a selection of apartments or suites. The Site Visit is generally guided by persons familiar with the property.

C) Detailed report of findings, discussion and recommendations – if no concerns are found, the recommendation will be for no further environmental work.

D) The final report - includes a PDF format copy, as well as two paper copies if desired.

The study is generally completed in 10 days to two weeks. Polson Environmental works closely with the client to provide a timely report to meet reasonable banking deadlines. In instances where unforeseen deadlines must be met, we have a very good record of accommodating the client and banking institution.

Polson Environmental has conducted Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for clients throughout Saskatchewan and Alberta since 1995. Mr. Polson has been a member of the Association of Environmental Site Assessors of Canada (AESAC) since 1995. All Phase I assessments are carried out to industry standards and currently follow Z768-01 - revisited in 2012. Polson Environmental currently carries $3,000,000 E&O insurance. Polson Environmental does not conduct Phase II or III studies, but can help clients to find individuals or organizations with the appropriate expertise should further assessment be required.

Examples of Phase I Assessments previously conducted:

  •   Large blocks of farmland in the Saskatoon area (and further afield in Saskatchewan), destined to be subdivided for residential development. These blocks of land have ranged from 80 Acres to 4 & 5 Sections
  •   Vacant lots, destined to be developed for hotels, apartments, residential or a wide variety of commercial uses
  •   Commercial Apartments, Motels & Hotels
  •   A wide variety of commercial buildings

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